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Heal, money & morE

As a queer femme of colour, I understand the importance of self-care, genuine connection, and guidance for our self-actualization. When I started pursuing a career in the arts, I couldn't find non-predatory mentors. Maybe it's because I'm perceived as a woman. Maybe it's because I'm Asian Canadian. Or both, since women of colour directors only make up 8% of competitors at the top 5 international film festivals (LA Times).

I didn't know that grants could finance the world-changing concepts boiling over in my mind. After working in the arts for a decade (and counting!), I've learned to separate my personal relationships with folks from my professional relationships with them (i.e. not everyone is your "friend"; it's okay to refer to others as a "colleague" or "acquaintance"). I know my worth, and my values. I set boundaries for business meetings and in all areas of my life. I've undertaken training to learn how to navigate conflict in a professional setting with transformative justice. And if you're going through it right now, I'm here for you.


I utilize self-care, self-soothing, mindfulness, and manifestation strategies - healthy and effective coping mechanisms - and I can guide you through processing and integrating any trauma you've endured (including around finances, gendered discrimination, internalized racism), and transform them into your art/work. Because you deserve to be wealthy: financially, emotionally, AND spiritually. It's your birthright.

With my holistic approach to success and healing (backed by a BA in Psychology, my lived experiences, astrology research, tarot wisdom, etc.), I can help you achieve your goals in your career and healing journey.

*sliding scale available

This work we do originates on unceded and ancestral territories belonging to Coast Salish Nations. I acknowledge my privilege as a settler on stolen land, and recognize the trauma perpetuated by a colonial nation. I promise to prioritize your mental and physical wellbeing, and give you the respect you deserve at all times. I too have survived my darkest times, and now I see my light. We can break and end cycles. Even though healing isn't a straightforward journey, we've lived through our worst days, and we can do it all again. Creation and healing have always existed within us: our love for storytelling; our calling to perform; our desire for connection and meaning; expressions of joy, sorrow, and anger; leadership and business skills; the will to try again... It's within you. So keep going. Ancestors are rooting for us.

As someone who grew up in a single-parent immigrant family, the financial barriers of pursuing an arts career were daunting. So I accessed my resources by: working with other creatives; paying for classes, coaching & workshops; attending events, screenings, summits & live shows; reading articles & books; watching documentaries and how-to videos; and shadowing executives on productions & projects. Through these multiple learning streams, I became proficient in budgeting, investing, and reporting my business income on my taxes as an artist who performs live music, casts indie projects, writes, acts, receives grants, produces events, and more. I'm constantly researching funding sources and have been awarded grants from Creative BC, BC Arts Council, SOCAN Foundation, VSW, etc. There's more to life than work; we have to set time aside to manage our wellbeing, and process what's happened (and still is happening). Being mindful is the key to our success. Book a consultation with me to develop and perfect your next steps. Hire me to cast &/or co-write your project if you feel our values align. Tap my shoulder for mental health guidance through the good and bad times. I want to share what I've learned with you.

For Artists & Creatives

Our Sessions

For Singers & Songwriters

I offer emerging songwriting mentorship, as well as live performance coaching, and trauma-informed counselling to reduce the negative effects of anxiety and stage fright. I trained under choral director Jen Williams, and studied Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, and Neuroscience (among other subfields) at the University of British Columbia.

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