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"Working with Sunny was a great experience. Her thoughtful approach, and sense of detail helped me elevate my performance."

Steeven K. Sampassa (he/him) 

"Sunny is an amazing vocal coach! They truly helped me feel seen for where I was vocally, diving into everything from body relaxation techniques, diet recommendations for singing, body language, and mindset. Her holistic approach is truly powerful and I'm so happy they've helped me bloom in my journey. As someone who has been singing for years, Sunny has helped me create newfound confidence in my voice. I can't wait to create music with them using these new skills too!"

Héctor Castañeda (he/they)

*sliding scale AVAILABLE

"Sunny embodies a spirit of collaboration and her joy in celebrating others is contagious. In my consulting session with her, I felt encouraged to step further into my gifts and talents as a trans voice actor in order to add diversity to the industry. I’m excited to collaborate in the future with Sunny!"

Peter Terry Paige Knickle (they/them)

"Sunny has such a thoughtful, warm presence and you can tell that they really want the best for you. I felt encouraged and hopeful throughout my sessions as a result of their guidance. We worked through some techniques for practicing vocals and getting over stage anxiety and they shared their own experiences which really helped me feel supported. I’m thankful that Sunny is around because we need more people like them in our community."

Yukari* (she/her)

"Sunny has a wealth of knowledge about the process of filmmaking, and they share it generously and thoughtfully. Since meeting Sunny, they have been incredibly generous with sharing their knowledge and very supportive of my creative journey. You can tell Sunny wants to see you succeed by their eagerness to share knowledge and their supportive attitude. Being at the beginning of my professional creative journey, Sunny has been a fantastic resource for industry knowledge and genuine encouragement."

Sam Stouten (they/them)

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