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sunny daydream

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vitamin D - cover photo.png

Feel good indietronica for our love era.

Vitamin D

+ mv out now

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formerly known as Sad China

" ilyimy proves, light and love will always prevail."


booking/music inquiries:

" avant garde exploration of the feelings of loving and missing someone in the 21st century."

Sinusoidal Music

"The album is deeply rooted in the Nanjing-born Vancouver-based artist’s complicated, even toxic, relationship with their family and the local arts community.... True support from the arts community and a deeper connection to their ancestral roots have been essential for healing their past trauma."


"Synths glittering with starlight...Kerub creates tracks that are full of light and allow Sad China’s energy to flourish — sometimes soft and angelic, other times sharp and brightly oversaturated — but not so bright that they outshine Sad China’s star power."


"...straight out of a Nintendo video game and pop music decades from today..."

~ Find No Enemy

Sunny Daydream
Sunny Daydream - Vitamin D
Taylor Kare 2
Divya Nanray 2
Divya Nanray
Sad China - Bless.bliss feat
Sunny Daydream Chen
Sunny Daydream Chen
Sunny Daydream Chen
Wurld2000k x Sad China
Sad China
Adewolf and Sad China
Sunny Chen AKA Sad China
Sad China
It's Okay
Sad China and Adewolf live
Sad China live
Sad China
Sad China and dancers

Background & Cover Photo: Mike Stinson

LIVE at Red Gate!

LIVE at 648 Kingsway!

LIVE at Surrey Fusion Fest!

Sad China - hum人n (Official Video)

LIVE "hum1n" at the Beaumont!

Sad China - It's Okay (Official Video)

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